About Me

My initial foray into writing was via a rather unexpected turn of events: a friend was taking a writing class and was explaining to me how you get articles placed in magazines. He went on to describe a "query letter" and a "masthead"—terms I'd never heard before.


After our conversation I went home and opened a copy of a local magazine I enjoyed reading. I realized I had an idea I thought they might be interested in, so I sent the Features Editor (whose name I'd found in the masthead) a query letter outlining my idea. A few weeks later I was contacted by the editor, and he hired to write my first freelance article.


Since that day I've worked as a freelancer, staff writer, copywriter and editor. My writing and editing have ranged from articles focused on what flowers brides are selecting for their bouquets this year, to travel stories about foreign destinations, to copywriting about a myriad of products and services. I've also written academic papers that have been delivered at conferences in Sicily, Italy, and I've written a contest-winning screenplay.


In other words, I've written about a vast array of topics in a variety of different formats.


Likewise, my editor's hat has allowed me to work as a Managing Editor for an E-commerce site and a travel-related online magazine. I've edited a cookbook for the NRDC's annual fundraiser, and I was on the committee that helped create an anthology of the best travel stories written by members of the Bay Area Travel Writers (BATW). I'm also a qualified travel writer and member of the prestigious Society of American Travel Writers.


I invite you to view the content contained within these pages, and hope you enjoy the projects I've been fortunate enough to be involved in.