Muiti-Faceted Copywriter / Mindful Editor / Seasoned Journalist

With more than 20 years experience as a writer, copywriter, & editor, my portfolio of work is extensive and diverse. Here are some samples of my latest copywriting assignments.

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Each of these campaigns were for clients that wanted to incorporate part of their name (“beyond” and “killer” respectively) into copy.

Bomb Pop was looking for smart, snappy copy to increase purchases during the summer months.

Chips Ahoy ran a contest titled “Chip’s Got Talent” and wanted to encourage people to enter. The challenge was providing enough info working within very limited character counts per unit.

Both of these projects were targeted to a specific demographic—one that responds to catchy phrases and compelling images.

Kraft ran an ad campaign showcasing a variety of meat products. Additionally, they wanted to see several different iterations for each specific product.

They were so pleased with these deliverables that they increased their ad spend substantially.

A variety of different consumables with attention-grabbing headlines, followed by a descriptive subhead.

This campaign for Grill Master’s brand page included rotating headers at the top of the page.

Family-focused ads (whether it’s with fur-babies or kids) are an important part of the retail product line. Both of these projects were aimed at families, with the former being pet owners and the latter being parents.